Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Shopgetmore ?

If you have questions or need assistance, you can reach us via the Contact Us.

What is Shopgetmore ?

Shopgetmore is a unique shopping site that will give you the most rewarding shopping experience possible – a simplified process with great offers, coupon codes, cashback and Mobile and DTH recharge – all in one place.
The Shopgetmore Team has more experience working with online stores. Stores love us. We love them. All this love means we can bring you one of the most competitive cash back and shopping services on the web.

Why should I buy online through Shopgetmore ?

Shopgetmore is a simple streamlined shopping experience. Shopgetmore always gives you great offers, cash back, coupon codes, and more for your purchases. Shopgetmore takes the work out of shopping online. No more jumping from site to site to find a great price, valuable coupons, free shipping offers, and cash back. You can see it all in one place at Shopgetmore.

How do I join Shopgetmore ?

Join for free simply by giving us your name, email address, mobile and creating a password. Or, you can choose to join and login with your Facebook account. Sign up or log in to start shopping and earning cashback.

How does your business work?

Our participating stores pay us a commission when you shop with them. We then pay cashback to members like you – it’s just that simple.
And that’s just the cashback part. We also search the Internet for great coupons, deals, sales, free shipping, and other ways for you to save money – and serve it all up in one simple view.

Earning Cash Back

How do I earn cash back?

Always start your shopping at Shopgetmore to earn cashback on all your qualifying purchases. Browse hundreds of top stores. Click the deal or coupon you prefer. Complete your purchase at the store site as you normally would. We work with the store to track your purchase and the earnings are credited to your Shopgetmore account.

How do you know when I’ve made a purchase from a Shopgetmore store?

When you click on a store or offer through the Shopgetmore website, the store receives a tracking cookie from us. If you make a qualifying purchase, the store alerts us, we send you a confirmation email and give you the cashback for the purchase.  For any specific questions about your purchase, however, contact the store directly as the purchase is made directly with the store, not Shopgetmore.

How is cashback credited to my Shopgetmore account?

We rely on cookies that are placed when you click through from the Shopgetmore website to a participating store in order to track your qualifying transactions. Stores then pay commissions on these qualifying transactions, and we credit your account with the corresponding earnings.

How do I know how much cashback I will receive from a qualifying purchase?

View the store’s information page for specific details on the cashback amount you can earn and any applicable terms, conditions, or restrictions on the offer. The amount of cashback varies by store. Shopgetmore does not guarantee a specific amount, and the amounts can change at the stores discretion, so please read the store’s site for any additional restrictions.
After the store provides Shopgetmore with a confirmation of your purchase information, the cashback amount posts as “pending” to your Shopgetmore account. You’ll receive an earnings pending summary e-mail stating the amount of cashback you’ve earned for each qualifying purchase. This process typically happens 3-5 business days after the purchase.

Where will the cashback for my Shopgetmore purchases be credited?

Your cashback for Shopgetmore purchases will first appear on the “My Earning” page on the Shopgetmore website as a pending transaction. Once the purchase has been confirmed eligible, it will be posted and eligible for redemption 45 days after original transaction date.
For additional information, please refer to the Shopgetmore Terms and Conditions.

How quickly is cashback credited to my account?

Most cashback earnings are credited as pending within 3 to 5 days. Some stores, however, cannot confirm your purchase until the return period has elapsed and may take thirty days or more to confirm your cash back.
If it’s been over 30 days and you still haven’t seen the cashback you were expecting in your account, please contact Customer Care.

What is the difference between pending and available earnings?

Pending Earnings – These are earnings which are currently within the 45-day hold period. There is a 45-day holding period from the date of purchase for every qualifying purchase. This allows stores to process returns, cancellations, reversals, and similar following the original purchase.
Available Earnings – These are earnings which are available for payment to you. Your available earnings balance must reach a minimum of Rs.10 net of returns, cancellations, reversals, and similar before payment.

Can I go directly to a store’s website or make purchases outside of Shopgetmore and still earn cashback?

No. To receive credit for your online purchases, you must begin your shopping at Shopgetmore every time. This is the only way we can track the purchases you make from Shopgetmore stores. Just remember to start at Shopgetmore and click on the store to be able to earn cashback for your online shopping. Purchases made without clicking through Shopgetmore are not eligible to earn cashback.

Do Shopgetmore stores offer cashback for everything I buy from them?

It varies, as each store has its own terms, conditions, and restrictions.
Some stores don’t offer cashback for all of their products and services – commonly excluded items are gift cards (and similar cash value items) and/or refurbished items. In addition, some manufacturers prevent stores from awarding cashback on specific products.
NOTE: For details about a specific store’s terms, conditions, and restrictions, search for the store by name and read the disclaimer on the store’s page. The terms and conditions will also be shown on a pop up screen after you click to visit an online store and before you reach the store site.

Can I use a coupon code from another site and still get Shopgetmore cashback?

Yes. Using a coupon code not published on the Shopgetmore site will make your purchase eligible for cashback.
Don’t worry – all eligible coupon codes are provided on the Shopgetmore site and just need to be used at checkout.
NOTE:  Best practice is to copy and paste the Coupon Code found on Shopgetmore to the store site.

My order hasn’t been posted to my account for more than 30 days. What do I do?

Contact Customer Care with the following information: the date of transaction, items ordered, store name, order number, and amount of your purchase (before taxes and shipping). 
NOTE: We can only research orders that were made within the past 180 days. Stores will not address order inquiries that are older than 180 days.

I found a difference between the amount I’ve been credited from a recent purchase and what I thought I would be credited. What should I do?

If you do not see the correct amount credited to your Shopgetmore account after 30 days have passed, contact Customer Care for problem resolution.

If I return, cancel, or reverse a purchase, what happens to the cashback I’ve earned ? Do I lose all my cashback when I return, cancel, or reverse only part of an order?

Cashback earned with purchases are deducted if you return those purchases. If you return only part of the purchase, only cashback for those items returned will be deducted.


How do I get paid ?

Your earnings will be paid to you via NEFT, Paytm, Mobikwik, or you can can opt for Amazon and Flipkart Voucher or You can Redeem it through Mobile and DTH recharge. 

When do I get paid?

Cashback payments will be made on the last business day of every month. There is a 45-day holding period from the date of purchase for every qualifying purchase. This allows stores to process returns, cancellations, reversals, and similar following the original purchase. A minimum earnings amount of Rs.10 must be met before a payment will be made.  Balances will carry over to the next month until you reach or exceed Rs.10 in Available Earnings.

Can Shopgetmore Customer Care access my Bank and Paytm account information?

No, Shopgetmore Customer Care is unable to access any of your account information.